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1 HOUR session


One to One 1 HOUR session – Online

One to one sessions with Blair Thomson, a friendly, professional and supportive artist, sessions customised to you with a range of possibilities.

Skill based drawing and painting

Do you want to learn a specific technique or how to use certain art materials or even master a particular style? Or do you need advice on your portfolio, discuss ideas and have demonstrations of how to move forward creatively? 

Here are some of the things Blair gives tutoring and support with:

- drawing -traditional, observational - any materials
- drawing -digital or experimental
- painting - any media from water based to oil painting
- portfolio preparation and development (physical or digital)
- sketchbook development
- mixed media and how to combine various art materials
- demonstrations of techniques
- materials preparation
- landscape and nature related artwork
- portraiture and figurative, life drawing
- representational art
- abstract art
- illustration and design
- Japanese/ Chinese Suibokuga water ink painting
- tutoring and support for people with any level of experience
- complete beginners welcome
- skills support for art graduates
- tutoring for young people and with school curriculum

Relaxation or Meditation and Creativity

Destress and settle down, try some meditation and relaxation suited to you.

By practicing with various groups and teachers over the years, Blair has developed a range of approaches, from more 'inner' deeper meditative methods through to 'outer' more accessible sensory and physical approaches. Here are some things Blair can support you with:

- ways to relax and destress
- to find ways that are comfortable and work for you 
- dislodging difficult attachment to thoughts - through meditative and or creative practice
- try out and learn different meditation methods
- connecting to your senses and body such as listening and touch
- connection with your surroundings, nature, grounding yourself
- mindful breathing
- bringing joy and life to the creative process
- expressing yourself
- tapping into creativity
- feel soothed by exploring art materials and artistic approaches, find spontaneity naturally
- use sound from nature or the body to relax and channel energy and creativity
- chat and feel supported about your experience 

In particular Blair has grown experience that he can share with you (depending on your needs or interest), in areas such as:

- Glasgow Zen group - zazen and other zen practices
- Mindfulness (to advanced level with Glasgow Vihara), Vipassana and body scan
- TM (Transcendental Meditation) and mantras
- Gentle bodywork and stretching combined with meditation
- Sutra tracing as a meditative activity (Japanese temples)
- Shaman journeying (drumming) and outdoor art practice - with Margaret Kerr
- Mindful arts practices
- Qigong practice and meditation - with Karen Welch
- Japanese arts practices
- Short poetry (like Haiku) and simple creative writing
- Soto Zen monastery practice in Japan - practices including chanting, meditation, eating meditation

Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy and Arts

Try out these Japanese and Chinese practices with us - Shodo calligraphy, Tenkoku (hanko) stamp carving, Shakyo Sutra Tracing, Water Ink Painting (Suibokuga or sometimes called Sansui) and even some fun Haiku poetry or Origami paper folding too!

Some of the things participants have liked in our groups:

- learn about the styles, history, and meanings of old Chinese / Japanese kanji characters
- find out about and use all the traditional materials, mostly from Japan
- try out in a supportive, friendly workshop environment
- explore age old techniques
- no pressure about what you make, emphasis on enjoying the process
- peaceful and meditative practices, helping destress and relax
- content connecting to nature, poetry, Zen and Buddhism
- meet other folk with similar cultural interests

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