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The Drawing and Painting Studio encourages people to relax into drawing, express themselves, be inspired and enjoy creative adventures.

Free community art groups in Glasgow help individuals to have fun making artwork, de-stress and try out new ways of working, providing varied art materials and plenty of guidance and enthusiasm. Our art groups in and around central Scotland offer inspiration and new artistic and cultural possibilities, and our One to One Tutoring and feedback works with folk to develop their artwork or to help people find a peaceful way to settle and express themselves.

The D+P Studio began in 2008 in central Glasgow, U.K. We are run by a mix of enthusiastic full time, sessional and volunteer staff. Blair Thomson is the lead facilitator (is part of the PVG scheme working with children and also vulnerable adults, and has Enhanced Disclosure certificate), he is an experienced artist. The D+P Studio works with community groups, charities and individuals on creative and health and wellbeing projects, and with various experienced collaborators to develop creative groups which are approachable, participatory, fun, cultural and educational.

Creatively supporting health and wellbeing

We have a friendly, gentle approach with no stressful expectation on individuals to come up with creative pieces – as we guide and inspire individuals. Our projects people relax, be less anxious, settle and be more mindful of their environment and others.

Several of our groups works with expression and the senses through drawing, markmaking, words such as creative writing, experimental mixed media, printmaking, painting, craft, land art and natural objects and materials. Individual and large inspiring group pieces are joyful and bring people together, and there is time for people to doodle, discuss the process and feeling with others. In some groups we combine mindful meditative elements with making artwork.


Blair began learning Japanese Shodo calligraphy with Wakabayashi Shujo, Toyama from 2002, after meeting him when working on a series of drawings in Japan after he graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2002. They explored markmaking together and exhibited together in Toyama and Tokyo. A few years after Wakabayashi Shujo passed away Blair began looking for a new teacher and in 2017 met two teachers in Tokyo, and practiced Shakyo as well as zen meditation at temples such as Daijouji Temple.

Nurturing artistic practice and portfolios

When we meet individuals such as young people who are keen to develop a career in the arts, we are there to guide and encourage along the way.

We have worked with portfolio preparation students who have gone on to join art school courses in Scotland and around the U.K., or have returned abroad to continue their art practice and studies. Students have specialized in fields such as design, visual communication, illustration, fine art and photography, architecture and technical drawing. As well as giving practical advice and demonstrations of making works, from the ins and outs of combining warm and cold colours to simply how to hold a brush or marker or palette knife, we also try to inspire each student, with varied examples of artist’s works, and tips and learning from art history movements from the old masters to post modernism. We encourage and assist creative people to develop their artwork and design, learning new artistic skills along the way and taking these forward innovatively in a positive, structured but enjoyable way.

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